Beyond Extreme

Many of our student projects continue after the course ends.  Whether a team needs more time to prototype, test, or sort out personnel and business issues, we connect the teams with the resources they need to be successful.  Here are a few ways teams may continue working on their projects while at Stanford.

Social E Lab

Social E Lab was developed by the Extreme teaching team to give students the option to continue their project work over the summer.  Social E offers funding, space, and mentorship as the teams take prototyping and testing to the next level.  Many teams spend the summer prototyping then return to the partner site in the fall to test their designs.  By October, teams are expected to have a clear path in mind for continuing independently or passing their innovation over to the partner for further development, manufacturing and distribution.

Design Lab

Located within the Stanford Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center, the Design Lab offers funding, space and mentorship for student teams to continue development.