Embrace is a social enterprise that aims to help millions of vulnerable babies through a low cost infant warmer, designed for a resource constrained area with limited or no electricity.


We are d.burn.d and our mission is to save the lives of Nepali people who unnecessarily die or suffer from debilitating burn injuries.


lifeRAFT is a research and follow-up tool that allows ReSurge clinicians in Nepal to more easily keep in touch with surgical patients through their recovery process, while also co


The HandHero splint gives burn survivors with hand injuries an affordable and practical way to rebuild function and rejoin their community.

Real Skin

REAL SKIN aims to design an innovative and affordable solution enabling surgical teams in Nepal to more effectively treat acute burn patients.


A $625 infant incubator with electronic temperature control, built to meet the specific needs of Nepal. The LifeRaft is an intuitive, intelligent, and reliable infant incubator for hospitals in Ne


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