Business Models


The Checklist for International Expansion is a tool for Shona and Sarah, busy and passionate directors of Shonaquip, to standardize, streamline, and supercharge their approach to international expa


Sanku partners with millers to fortify maize flour, a staple of Tanzanian diet, with necessary micronutrients to prevent stunting and a host of associated diseases.


d.Lish is a suite of solutions designed to de-risk oyster mushroom farming for low-income individuals and cooperatives in Rwanda. Low-income farmers are extremely vulnerable to the economic shocks that accompany low-yield harvests.


Ecofiltro manufactures and markets affordable ceramic water filters in Guatemala where drinking water quality is poor, causing people to become sick from ingesting water-borne patho


MELD’s mission is to address three of India's problems: pollution, unemployment and the unavailability of cheap materials to design products for the rural poor.

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