blueEnergy delivers energy, water, and sanitation to some of the world’s most isolated, marginalized communities, providing a foundation for health, education, and economic opportunity within the context of a changing climate. Our community-based work provides an immersive, enriching learning platform for future global leaders interested in energy, water, climate change, and international development.


There are no quick fixes where we work. Our award-winning, community-based approach takes more time, but produces better results.

We don't give things away. We look for beneficiary participation in the form of financial contribution, labor, and hosting support to signal an interest in and commitment to the solutions we offer.

We stick around. We work to create lasting impact by building local capacity, working with local government institutions and other key stakeholders, and staying engaged with the people we serve. We take diversity seriously. Solving the complex challenges we take on requires many perspectives. Our team reflects the diversity around us and we make it a point to listen carefully to the voice of indigenous people, women, and youth.

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