CURE India

CURE International India is a National Charitable healthcre NGO to eradicate disability caused by clubfoot in India.  In order to achieve this goal, Cure International India has signed a public-private partnership with Delhi State on 5 May 2010.  Designated weekly Clubfoot clinics have been established in more than 8 public hospitals.  We enrolled 3593 clubfoot children with us and trained more than 1000 doctors for clubfoot treatment.  

CURE International India Trust (CIIT) began its service April 2009 with a goal to eradicate disability caused by clubfoot in India and at present over 13,000 children are enrolled in this program nationwide.  With over 150 children being born with clubfoot in India every day, the role of CIIT in establishing free clubfoot clinics is very relevant and significant.  Through this initiave, CIIT aims to enlighten the public that clubfoot can be treated and neglected clubfoot leads to lifetime disability.  

CURE International India Trust functions on behalf of CURE International, a global Healthcare NGO comitted to establish teaching hospitals, wherever there is a need, and establish specialty programs globally.  To begin with CIIT decided to work with clubfoot children in India as a part of the CURE Clubfoot Worldwide (CCW).  From its inception CIIT has worked primarily with Government Health care programs.  This not only helps CIIT establish clubfoot clinics which provide care at no cost to families, but also allows CIIT to reach the poorest of the poor.  With the partnering state governments, CIIT agreed to mantain weekly clubfoot clinics with the orthopaedic depatment in governent medical colleges and hospitals.  In the partnership, government entities commit to assign doctors who will participate in the free clubfoot weekly clinics and ensure that the casting materials are available for treatment. 

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