There are 1.6 billion people worldwide living without proper access to electricity. These people are using kerosene, candles or even lead acid car batteries connected to light bulbs, to light up their homes, shops and workplaces. D.light's mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity, and D.light is beginning this charge with a plan to replace every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light. They are achieving this through their current product line which features a series of portable LED lamps that are 8-10 times brighter than a candle and last many hours on one solar or grid-powered recharge.

D.light Design started as a project in the course in 2006, and is now a partner this year sponsoring two projects:

  • Modular energy storage system: Many low-income consumers in India have grid access, but since the grid is unreliable, it only provides 6-8 hours of electricity per day. Furthermore, these consumers are at the bottom of the pyramid and cannot quite afford the traditional battery and inverter systems. A system that allows these consumers to stockpile energy from the grid, and increase capacity as they have available income, would be extremely valuable to D.light's customers.
  • Affordable & reliable solar power:Currently the energy options available to rural households in India are expensive, unreliable and often very unsafe. Furthermore, a household investment on energy is most attractive when it boosts their economic options. A system allowing capture of energy from a power source that is available in the village (such as the sun) at an affordable and efficient rate will allow these families to use power when they want it and for the activity of their choice.

For more information on D.Light, check out their website. 



Although 82% of villages are electrified in India, the electrical grid is highly unreliable, and many households find they are unable to capture the spotty electricity for use when they need it most.


Embedded Pay-As-You-Go technology that makes high-quality solar energy solutions immediately affordable to rural, off-grid consumers

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