Ecofiltro S.A., is a Guatemalan based social business, began as a foundation over 30 years ago where it focused its rural activities on nutrition, water and sanitation. Only in 2009 did Ecofiltro become an S.A. (for-profit company) in order to expand its capacity and reach a larger number of families with clean water– there are nearly 1 million families in Guatemala without access to safe water. The social objective, to provide sustainable clean water to 1 million rural families in Guatemala by the year 2020, is at the heart of the enterprise and is the primary reason the company exists. We have teamed up with the Maya Relief Foundation to bring clean water to every public school in rural Guatemala by the year 2020.

The filtering unit, known as Ecofiltro, is based on ceramic pot filter technology which was invented in 1981 by the Guatemalan biochemist Jose Fernando Mazariegos Anleu, while working at the Central American Institute for Industrial Research and Technology - ICAITI. His goal for this water filtration technology was to make it available to the world so that potable water would be accessible to everyone.

Ecofiltro offers several different types of receptacles that hold the filter unit in place. The functionality of the filtering unit is the same for all the only component that differs is the receptacle in which the unit is placed in. We have a plastic, clay, and ceramic one. All with the exception of the plastic one are hand made by artisans throughout Guatemala, as we try to support the Guatemalan artisanal talent and development.The capacities of the receptacles are of 20 lt. of water, of which the filtering unit itself can filter between 1 to 2 liters an hour.



Ecofiltro manufactures and markets affordable ceramic water filters in Guatemala where drinking water quality is poor, causing people to become sick from ingesting water-borne patho

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