International Development Enterprises Ethiopia uses a market-based approach to development. By stimulating market systems, IDE Ethiopia helps rural poor farmers act as micro-entrepreneurs and earn income.

IDE Ethiopia has partnered with local manufacturers and distributors to provide farmers with pumps, irrigation systems, and other agricultural inputs that increase their harvests and boost their income. IDE Ethiopia’s current portfolio of products includes treadle pumps, rope-and-washer pumps, and drip irrigation systems.

Extreme Affordability students collaborated with IDE Ethiopia on water well drilling technologies.

For more information on IDE Ethiopia, check out their website.


Farmers living in rural Ethiopia are completely dependent upon rainwater to grow their crops.  During the dry season they cannot produce food or generate any income from the land.  While ma


For millions of impoverished Ethiopian farmers, irrigating crops is a matter of life and death. The only wells are drilled by aid organizations at a cost of $20,000/well.

Packrat Solar Dryer

The Packrat Solar Dryer is a cheap, effective and fully collapsible solar food dryer that will give rural Ethiopian farmers the ability sell their cash crops in the off-season when market prices are high and source


Eighty percent of Ethiopia’s poor live in rural areas, the majority earning less than $2 a day from small plot farming.

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