Proximity Designs, formerly known as International Development Enterprises Myanmar (IDE|M), believes that even the poorest of the poor can be enterprising entrepreneurs, if they are given proper tools. Proximity designs and manufactures affordable income-generating and money-saving products that help smallholder households in Myanmar/Burma pull themselves out of poverty. The organization partners with local manufacturers, retailers, and village agents to distribute their products to customers at the lowest possible price.

The partnership with Proximity has resulted in one new lighting company, new suction pumps and pressure pumps that are now in the hands of thousands of farmers and are receiving worldwide attention, and a water storage bag and deep-lift pump that are well on their way to launching.

For more information about Proximity Designs, check out their website or visit the Proximity Designs page on our site to see information on additional projects.



There are 1.7 million families in Myanmar paying $0.30‐0.50 per day on fuel, families that often live on less than $2 per day.   fuel.d developed a stove that saves families 50% or more of their fuel expense.


Farmers in Myanmar spend up to eight hours per day watering subplots of their farmland.  Our iTower reduces the time and cost involved with drip irrigation.


The Learning Light is an affordable LED lamp powered by solar-charged AA batteries. It is a complete energy solution, providing everything our user needs: energy generation, energy storage and energy service.


Through a newly developed presentation system for Ag Extension workers, infLoW aims to tap small farmers into the business system in Myanmar to improve the profitability of their businesses.  



Prymed developed The Water Basket: an affordable, portable, ready-to-use water storage system that eases the physical burden of farmers in Myanmar and enables them to more efficiently water their crops.


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