Mountain Hazelnuts Group

Mountain Hazelnuts Group (MH) is a triple bottom-line company working to establish a world-class hazelnut production in Bhutan. Our business model commits to generating income and improving livelihoods for rural communities, addressing the challenges of generating reliable cash flow while living in remote mountain areas. We are committed to supplying high-quality hazelnuts to international customers, while joining a global conversation about how business can serve as a tool for achieving social and environmental objectives.

We support the entire value chain for our farmer partners, including households, monasteries, nunneries and other community institutions. After growing trees from tissue culture into young plants, we provide hazelnut trees to farmers at no upfront cost. We constantly monitor the orchards, from planting through annual harvests that start in year 3 or 4. Our Monitoring and Extension teams are equipped with Android-based tools to collect extensive horticultural, environmental and social data. The data is used to train farmers on best practices, provide expert guidance, and study emergent patterns. Mountain Hazelnuts guarantees to purchase all nuts with a guaranteed floor price, enabling farmers to plan ahead, knowing that they have a secure market and attractive profit margin. Ultimately, 10 million hazelnut trees will benefit up to 15% of Bhutan's population.

MH worked with Extreme teams to support its post‐harvest operations and improve its best practice cultivation techniques.



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