Shonaquip is a South African based wheelchair service provider that is committed to improving the quality of life of individuals living with moderate to severe disabilities. They design, manufacture and supply posture support wheelchairs, mobility equipment and other positioning devices as well as provide client focussed support services that includes assessment, customized fittings, follow-ups and training. Since their founding they have provided over 70,000 children with quality, adjustable, modular children's posture support wheelchairs and posture management systems appropriate for resource poor settings. 

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The Checklist for International Expansion is a tool for Shona and Sarah, busy and passionate directors of Shonaquip, to standardize, streamline, and supercharge their approach to international expa


Designed with the caregiver in mind, ShonaHold is a positioning tool that delivers high-quality postural care for children with physical disability in southern Africa.

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