X-Runner provides a lasting sanitation solution to low-income, urban households that cannot have regular toilets. Their customer oriented product and service bring an instant improvement to families lives.

Based in Lima, Peru, they serve several, low-income communities with weekly collection of human waste (feces) via their sanitation service known as “Family’s”. Their service includes the rental of a urine diverting toilet, weekly collection, and support if the toilet ever has an issue.

The majority of their customers are in the Nueva Rinconada region of Pamplona, a 15 year old informal settlement with about 11,000 people.

1 billion people worldwide live in slums - most without access to sewage systems or improved sanitation. x-runner’s mission is to bring reliable and sustainable sanitation to low-income urban households that do not have a toilet. They improve daily lives and create a cleaner, healthier environment for the entire family.

Toilets for Peru's Shantytowns from x-runner on Vimeo.

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