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Without great project partners, the Design for Extreme Affordability course would not exist. In our nine year history, we have worked with twenty‐two partners in fourteen countries to complete eighty student projects. We have learned from each of these interactions, and we value the continued friendship of our student and partner alumni.

Being an Extreme project partner is a big commitment, but we hope that the benefits to our partners far exceed the costs. We ask project partners to work with us for the duration of Winter and Spring quarters. Project partners develop a "wish list" of ideas for student projects, host student teams as they travel during spring break, and remain an active participant in the design and testing phases of development.

Here's what some of last year's partners had to say about the experience:

"Extreme teams have the time and outside perspective to think deeply and creatively about a concept.  The organizational reality for us is that we need to move fast and execute efficiently, and this creates pressure to stick with "safe" ideas.  We leverage the creativity of Extreme teams to explore totally new ideas and keep us thinking outside the box."
David Klaus, Proximity Designs, Myanmar

"The experience, smarts and energy of both our Extreme teams, coupled with the rigorous design process provided by the, allowed for very significant leaps forward in two different areas. I really believe that the power of a Stanford/miraclefeet team will result in the development of a brace that will have significant impact on the cost and effectiveness of clubfoot treatment on a global scale. And the simple text message tool developed by the other Extreme team is practical, low cost and leverages a technology that is widely available. Both ideas will make major contributions to clubfoot treatment, which in turn will transform the lives of children around the world."
Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld · Co-Founder and Executive Director, miraclefeet, Brazil

Access the Extreme Partner Guide.

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Here are some of our prior partners:




CURE India

D Rev








IDE Cambodia

IDE Ethiopia

IDE Ghana

IDE India

IDE Myanmar

MASS Design Group


Mountain Hazelnuts Group


Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals

Nuru International

PATH South Africa

Project Healthy Children

Prosthetics Orthotics Centre, Ethiopia

Proximity Designs

ReSurge International


Sierra Venta Clinics

Sustainable Harvest

TechnoServe Cote d'Ivoire

TechnoServe Mozambique

White Mountain Apache Tribe