The Easy Steam Machine




The Easy Steam Machine is a boiler system that reduces distillation time from 3 hours to 3 minutes.


Big Idea: Speed up the weak link in an existing system by two orders of magnitude.

Project Launched: February 2010

Current Status: Project has been turned over to the partner, IBEKA.

Team: Andy Kleissner, Nina Joshi, Jesse Guittard, Christoph Dankert (the “d.stillers”)

The Challenge: How to get Indonesian farmers fast cash with weeds from their farms.

The Insight: The farmers had systems in place that were unused because it took them three hours to boil water necessary to distill lemongrass oil.

The Product:  Designed a plug and play boilers system that integrated with existing distillation machines.   The Easy Steam Machine reduced the time to boil water, hence the distillation process, from 3 hours to three minutes!




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