Country: BangladeshFocus: Medical DevicePartner: ReSurge InternationalPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: StartupYear: 2015


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Partner: ReSurge International

Healyx enables patients with severe wounds to heal faster and leave hospitals sooner. Our medical device uses ‘negative pressure wound therapy’ to drain and promote vascularization in burns, trauma, pressure sores, diabetic ulcers, and other acute and chronic wounds. This therapy has been validated in the scientific literature to heal severe wounds 3 times faster. Our device supplies continuous, reliable, and controllable negative pressure and it features a backup battery to enable continuous use through power blackouts and unreliable electricity. Designed to cost $200, a fraction of the cost of similar devices in developed countries, Healyx will enable patients to return home sooner, freeing up critical bed space and allowing physicians to treat more patients.