Kukua is a solar-powered, low-energy, chicken egg incubator. Kukua is designed for home use by new and experienced chicken farmers. This incubator provides Tanzanians, who use chickens as a source of stored value, a more predictable way to go from egg to chicken. Tanzanians currently depend on a local incubator shop (and pay a fee per egg) or the mother hen to incubate eggs. This dependency and unpredictability makes scaling one’s business very challenging. The Kukua guarantees that necessary incubation conditions are met, at a lower cost and lower energy usage than the local incubators in Tanzania. This product will be available as an “add-on” to Off-Grid Electric’s current solar module. The Kukua incubator will allow customers not only to grow their chicken flock, but also to pay off their solar modules sooner. Kukua, growing your business, growing your flock. Please connect with us at eggstreme-team@lists.stanford.edu.



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