SolFlo enables small plot farmers in Myanmar to pump groundwater for irrigation without burdensome costs for fuel or hired labor.


The HandHero splint gives burn survivors with hand injuries an affordable and practical way to rebuild function and rejoin their community.

Real Skin

REAL SKIN aims to design an innovative and affordable solution enabling surgical teams in Nepal to more effectively treat acute burn patients.



d.sha helps farmers in rural India break the harmful practice of flood irrigating vegetable crops, and guides them to irrigate more efficiently.


The DiscoverDrip Demo Kit is a demonstration tool created for Driptech, a company that produces low-cost, high-quality drip irrigation systems for small-plot farmers in deve



In Cambodia, more than 10,000 children die each year from diarrheal illness. Our partner IDE already has developed a latrine that improves the disposal of human waste in rural communities.


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