Ethiopia’s wheelchair users are currently unable to use public transportation, greatly limiting their mobility and the opportunities available to them.

The Rainmaker

Small plot farmers in Ethiopia currently place dried ears of corn underneath a sack and beat it repeatedly with a stick to remove kernels from the cob—a backbreaking, exhausting process which breaks many kernels, the


Thousands of Ethiopians lose limbs every year as a result of war, violence, industrial accidents, and unfound land mines. Many of them will face the loss of their leg in an “above-knee” amputation.

Packrat Solar Dryer

The Packrat Solar Dryer is a cheap, effective and fully collapsible solar food dryer that will give rural Ethiopian farmers the ability sell their cash crops in the off-season when market prices are high and source


Eighty percent of Ethiopia’s poor live in rural areas, the majority earning less than $2 a day from small plot farming.


Farmers in Myanmar spend up to eight hours per day watering subplots of their farmland.  Our iTower reduces the time and cost involved with drip irrigation.


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