The Pilão-Plus is a manual grain grinder designed to help rural Mozambican families process maize, their staple food, cheaply and conveniently. Currently Mozambicans rely on electric or diesel-powered mills, which are often located far away and frequently break down, or on an arduous, time-consuming pounding process using a traditional mortar and pestle called a pilão. Designed to cost under $60, the Pilão-Plus aims to improve on both these options by reducing the time, cost and effort associated with producing maize flour, giving Mozambican women a more reliable way of feeding their families. For more information, please feel free to contact any of us: Bill Gallery at gallery@stanford.edu, Vivek Goyal at vivekg@stanford.edu, Mariel Lanas at mllanas@stanford.edu, Herbert Silva at herbertp@stanford.edu.

Current Status:

Our goal is to get our partner a prototype they can use for field testing, or the means of making that prototype, and then hand over everything to them to try to find an partner in-country who can really take it forward. 




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