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Hats Off to Extreme Local (San Francisco Bay Area) 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our 18th year of Extreme! Despite all of the setbacks that COVID-19 has thrown our way, we have 35 students from the GSB, Engineering, Law School, and Medical School who are helping us prototype this new, local version of Extreme. 

After speaking to a longlist of 41 potential partner organizations  in the Bay Area, we narrowed it down to eight partners who are supporting nine team projects. The challenges the students are working on include environmental equality, housing access, food waste reduction and food access, criminal justice reform, fall injury prevention in hospitals, and equitable access to remote healthcare. Excitingly, our criminal justice partner, Recidiviz, is an organization co-founded by an Extreme alumna, Clementine Jacoby.

Our Teaching Team has pivoted the curriculum for a fully remote experience Рbut one that is fun and engaging. We also added new curriculum that focuses on equity and the Bay Area to ensure our students work with their new community partners with the utmost of respect and knowledge of context. 

A huge thank you to our new partners who are about to embark on an exciting journey with us: