Country: BelizeFocus: Production ProcessPartner: Uncommon CacaoStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2017

Cacao Kab’l

cacao Kab'l

Partner: Uncommon Cacao

Maya Mountain Cacao is a Belizean cacao processor that buys wet cacao beans from local farmers, fermenting and drying the beans to then sell them to the international craft chocolate market for top dollar. Extreme Cacao has partnered with Maya Mountain to increase the capacity of their facility while also working to fight mold growth, a constant challenge due to Belize’s unpredictable and humid weather. Our team has developed a tray and rack system called the Cacao Kab’l which is customized to fit into Maya Mountain’s cacao processing workflow. The Cacao Kab’l reduces mold growth by limiting the possible layer thickness of drying cacao; it also combats worker exhaustion and injury by making cacao easier to transport around the facility. Ultimately, by increasing Maya Mountain’s profits, we help to guarantee a stable source of income for the farmers Maya Mountain serves.