Country: United StatesFocus: Medical DevicePartner: ActerraPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Still In DevelopmentYear: 2021


CanAIRy Team

In East Palo Alto, the childhood asthma rate is twice that of the surrounding areas. Too often parents are not sure of the reason why their children are having asthma attacks, and often it can be linked to poor indoor air quality. One of the largest contributors to poor indoor air quality is cooking, which releases particulate matter, nitrous dioxide, and volatile organic compounds.

CanAIRY has created an air quality monitor and indication system in the form of a fridge magnet. The unit senses what is in the air, and illuminates recommendations to immediately improve indoor air quality. The unit also records the data, with the community members’ permission, so that we can use the data to facilitate community discussions and action to improve respiratory health and climate resilience, providing agency to the community.