Country: EthiopiaFocus: Medical DevicePartner: Prosthetics CenterStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2008



Partner: Prosthetics Center, Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s wheelchair users are currently unable to use public transportation, greatly limiting their mobility and the opportunities available to them. Though dozens of organizations donate chairs to Addis Ababa’s disabled population, wheelchair recipients cannot ride the city’s ubiquitous blue and white minibuses, leaving them without the freedom of movement enjoyed by other citizens. Our simple ChairLift permanently attaches to the back of any minibus, allowing wheelchairs to be quickly and easily lifted, secured, and carried whenever a wheelchair user needs a ride. A straightforward system made up of inexpensive off-the-shelf components, the ChairLift is easy to produce and install. The process of loading the wheelchair on the rack takes under 60 seconds and does not add any significant delays.