Country: BrazilFocus: Medical ServicePartner: MiraclefeetPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2012

Clubfoot Connect


Partner: miraclefeet

Clubfoot Connect empowers parents in developing countries to heal their child’s clubfoot – a congenital deformity affecting children’s feet. Untreated clubfoot is one of the leading causes of permanent disability in the developing world, rendering those affected unable to walk as adults. However, clubfoot is completely treatable and patients can lead perfectly normal lives if treated correctly. We and our partner, MiracleFeet, have developed an SMS based communication system that provides parents of children undergoing the treatment process “spoonfuls” of information and support at precisely the moments they need it most. The messages are created and endorsed by the world’s foremost expert on clubfoot treatment, Dr. Jose Morcuende, and delivered automatically to parents via the only connection they have to the clubfoot community—their cell phone.

Learn more about how this project was implemented by our partner, MiracleFeet, in partnership with MedicMobile here.