Country: MyanmarFocus: LightingPartner: Proximity DesignsPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabStatus: StartupYear: 2006


2006 Extreme dlight_logo

Partner: Proximity Designs

 D.light offers a high quality, inexpensive, solar-rechargeable LED light.

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Project Launched:

Started the extreme class in 2006, incorporated d.light in May 2007

Current Status:

The business continues to expand globally.

Team: Erica Estrada (mechanical engineering), Sam Goldman (business), Ned Tozun (business), Xianyi Wu (mechanical engineering).

The Challenge

For more than one in five people in the world today, kerosene lanterns are the only option for household lighting. In addition to the low quality lighting afforded by kerosene lanterns, kerosene is also an expensive fuel source, causes respiratory problems in children, and is a significant fire hazard. Yet these people typically have no access to electricity, and therefore can’t use electric lights. d.light set out to design a better lighting solution for the 1.6 billion people caught in this gap.

The Insight

Our final POV was ‘affordable lighting solutions for shopkeepers in myanmar” But our original POV was ‘watts for kyats’ (kyats is the currency in myanmar)

The Product

We created the “forever bright’ which was an LED (light-emitting diode) lamp, which had (our now patented) fast charge technology, and allowed families to very rapidly and safely charge their lamp’s battery, and then provide many hours of bright and clean light to families.

What’s Happening Now?

The “forever bright’ fast charge technology was adapted to solar energy, and we refocused the company on providing clean and bright solar lighting solutions to families living without reliable electricity globally. As we expanded globally, the need to affordably charge communication devices was almost as important as safe and bright lighting, and we incorporated solar mobile charging into our line-up.