Country: IndiaFocus: IrrigationPartner: DriptechPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2014



Partner: Driptech

The DiscoverDrip Demo Kit is a demonstration tool created for Driptech, a company that produces low-cost, high-quality drip irrigation systems for small-plot farmers in developing countries. Driptech sales officers will use the Demo Kit during marketing activities to generate interest in drip irrigation among farmers and demonstrate some of the defining features of company’s products. The Demo Kit, composed of a self-standing, durable plastic bag connected to the Driptech takeoff valve and driptape, is simple to use, compact for easy transportation and costs only about $1 to manufacture. Farmers who switch from flood irrigation to using a drip irrigation system will experience a significance increase in crop yield, decrease in water consumption, and a decrease in farming labor costs. Overall, farmers using drip irrigation will benefit from an increase in profits and quality of life.