Country: UgandaFocus: AgriculturePost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2020


EnRoot logo - Matthew Milner

EnRoot is a mobile machine for packing seedling pots. In Uganda, more than 90% of households use firewood or charcoal for cooking and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be no forested land remaining in the country. Kijani is working to help solve this problem through working with rural farmers to help them grow fast growing trees on their farms alongside their crops that can be used to make charcoal. They do this by creating community nurseries in rural villages where farmers are able to grow seedlings under the supervision of Kijani that can then be planted on their land. This circular system benefits the farmers as they gain a new revenue stream, while also working to prevent the destruction of more of Uganda’s forests. However for these busy farmers, packing these seedling pots by hand can be very time consuming. EnRoot is a mobile machine that can be transported between these community nurseries to dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of the pot packing process, improve drainage during propagation and reduce transplant shock during planting.