Country: EthiopiaFocus: WaterPartner: iDE-EthiopiaStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2008



Partner: iDE-Ethiopia

Eighty percent of Ethiopia’s poor live in rural areas, the majority earning less than $2 a day from small plot farming. These farmers are at the mercy of the rain, growing as much grain as possible during the rainy season, and then letting their fields go barren during the eight month long dry season. For these 21 million people, a better life depends on being able to lift water from the ground.  Team H2Whoa! has developed a new rope and washer pump that reduces the cost of manufacturing the pump down to $50 while also improving pump performance. Our foot‐powered pump allows the farmer to lift more water with less effort; nearly halving the amount of time it takes raise the 200 gallons used to irrigate a small plot of land. Our streamlined design is easier to manufacture, having fewer parts and using fewer materials. Our pump also greatly improves the user experience, with a fast and simple set‐up processes that any farmer can do.