Country: KenyaFocus: AgriculturePartner: Factor[e]Post-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2019

inVent Crop Storage

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InVent Crop Storage, in partnership with Factor[e] Ventures, is developing an onion storage solution for smallholder farmers in Kenya. These farmers grow a large volume of produce, but have only a short time to sell between harvest and the beginning of the rainy season. This gives them the choice of selling immediately at a low price, or holding onto their produce but incurring heavy losses. We aim to let them store onions with low losses for over two months, letting them wait to sell at higher prices. Our rack system will let farmers store onions the same way American farmers do, keeping the produce well-ventilated and making it easy to remove rotten onions before the rot spreads. The rack will be affordable, easy to assemble, and available for purchase through our partner company in Kenya. Connect with our team lead, Siyuan, at