Country: EthiopiaFocus: Medical DevicePartner: Prosthetics CenterStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2008



Partner: Prosthetics Center, Ethiopia

Thousands of Ethiopians lose limbs every year as a result of war, violence, industrial accidents, and unfound land mines. Many of them will face the loss of their leg in an “above-knee” amputation. These Ethiopians do not have the ability to choose how to replace their leg as those in the developing world do. In fact, they are fortunate if they can enlist funding via the government or a charitable organization to wholly or partially subsidize their prosthetic. In cases where they can, their best option is to receive a basic “single-axis” knee via organizations such as the Ethiopian Prosthetics & Orthotic Center (POC). KneeD provides an improved knee that advances the functionality, durability, and repairability of the “single-axis” knee while simultaneously being easy to produce on premise at the POC.