Country: NepalFocus: Medical ServicePartner: ReSurge InternationalPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2015


life raft_1

Partner: ReSurge International

lifeRAFT is a research and follow-up tool that allows ReSurge clinicians in Nepal to more easily keep in touch with surgical patients through their recovery process, while also collecting data that currently are missing. After patient discharge, the lifeRAFT system will automatically generate text message reminders for follow-up appointments, as well as notifications for clinicians on patient status. Our solution centers on the power of better data to improve care for individual patients, hone best practices for the medical team, and allow the international office to analyze larger trends. To contact us, email

Current team members: Jassi Pannu (Medicine), Caitlin Roake (MD/PhD), Scott St Marie (Business), Kinjal Vasavada (Human Biology)
Former team members: Kate Hopkins (Business)