Country: GhanaFocus: AgriculturePartner: BurroPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Still In DevelopmentYear: 2019



Around 16 million women in Sub Saharan Africa depend on the Shea Nut industry for their livelihood. These communities use the traditional head carrying method to carry Shea nuts over 8 miles a day in order to meet expenses. Women Shea farmers need an efficient and easy method to carry their load from the wild to their communities. Lift is a durable and light cart that enables women to transport 2-3 times more load than previously possible through traditional methods. By increasing their overall Shea Nut payload, these women will be able to earn enough money to pay for expenses and annual fees. A 50% increase in load per trip equates to $36 income increase per season; this will cover the annual school fees for 3 of her children. Lift has focused on the northern region of Ghana for the past year. Through their work with 5 communities, Lift has developed an early pilot project to gather more input and test their assumptions on customer use and product design. Lift works forward in using the Shea industry to impact the most vulnerable women in Ghana.