Country: IndiaFocus: Medical ServicePartner: MiraclefeetStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2019



Miracal is a simple, innovative and cost-effective tool to diffuse information about clubfoot treatment. In India, the majority of children with clubfoot undergo many incorrect procedures because orthopedic surgeons lack the expertise to treat clubfoot. Through word-of-mouth, some eventually reach a clinic operated by MiracleFeet, an NGO which provides effective and free treatment. However, this lengthy referral process is both financially and emotionally costly for families, and most children never access the treatment they need in time.

Miracal is a calendar. Calendars are ubiquitous in India and a common gift. Miracal successfully conveys information about what clubfoot is and how to access MiracleFeet clinics to both literate and non-literate populations. It will be distributed by community health workers and health providers as a gift to pregnant and new mothers, empowering them and their husbands to share and diffuse the information within their community.