Country: IndiaFocus: HousingPartner: ModroofStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2020


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We are enabling slum residents to achieve their professional goals by tackling three key obstacles: 1) limited tools, 2) an unsupportive environment, and 3) a lack of professional opportunities. For low-income earners, managing their day to day living expenses and responsibilities often gets in the way of pursuing more long term goals like running a beauty salon or becoming a software engineer. In addition, living in cramped multi-functional spaces with 5-15 family members constantly creates the need to compromise.


We are changing that through 3 solutions. Our first solution equips individuals with the tools and space to study. We plan to create a partition with a foldable desk that allows ambitious individuals to quickly create temporary productive work spaces. Our next solution aligns the family on the importance of upskilling amidst other competing needs. We plan to run an information campaign that breaks down future income into tangible pieces to create intrinsic motivation for families to support upskilling. Our last solution creates opportunity by leveraging community networks and those with similar goals. We propose creating mentorship groups across the community that not only hold each other accountable, but eventually provide the actual professional opportunities that our users are pursuing.