Country: TanzaniaFocus: Medical ServicePartner: MiraclefeetStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2016

Pirani Tools


Partner: Miraclefeet

Pirani Tools provide a clear and accurate measurement of deformity in a child’s clubbed feet. Clubfoot is a congenital disorder effecting 1 in 750 newborns worldwide, and clubfoot is the leading cause of treatable physical disability in developing countries. Our team has partnered with the NGO miraclefeet to provide better tools to physical therapists in developing countries to treat clubfoot using the Ponseti method. The Ponseti method uses serial casting to slowly bring a clubbed foot into a corrected position; before each casting, the degree of deformity is measured using Pirani scoring. Accurate Pirani scores can guide the Ponseti treatment and predict a child’s prognosis. Unfortunately, when our team visited Tanzania, we discovered that physical therapists could not correctly measure the Pirani scores, leading to otherwise preventable cases of maltreatment and prolonged treatment. Pirani Tools remove the ambiguity from the current Pirani scoring method, turning Pirani scoring into a straightforward measurement that anyone can perform.