Country: MozambiqueFocus: AgriculturePartner: TechnoServe MozambiqueStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2012

Seed Shield


Partner: TechnoServe Mozambique

The Seed Shield System gives rural farmers a reliable and effective way to store their seeds post-harvest. The Seed Shield protects against the major threats to seed integrity via multiple elements: PICS bags to lock out oxygen and moisture, elevation, insecticide, metal guards to protect seed from pests, and shade to reduce the harmful impacts of radiation on the seed. By combining and repurposing elements, the Seed Shield will reduce agricultural uncertainty and boost farmer income. Please contact us at:

2012 Extreme Moz Seed Shield 02     2012 Extreme Moz Seed Shield 03

Big Idea: A cost effective, simple solution to seed storage in rural environments that passively protects highly sensitive seed

Project Launched: February 2012

Current Status: Handed over to Technoserve, initial test to launch Sept 2012

Team:  Andrew Davis, Kristin Lin, Maryanna Quigless, and Tep Rungswang

The Challenge
Farmers in rural Mozambique routinely experience yield losses of upwards of 30% due to poor storage. That depresses incomes and limits the type of products they are able to grow. The challenge is to produce an affordable storage solution to protect farmer’s valuable assets and to enable them to grow higher value crops.

The Insight
By re purposing and combining existing solutions, the problem of seed storage can be addressed.  The Seed Shield imports innovative storage packaging from Ghana, rodent protection thought from the US, and platform/shade insight from around the world to create a single, simple solution that will dramatically improve farmer’s lives.

The Product
The Seed Shield provides a free standing solution for rural storage by protecting stored product from major threats. To protect against moisture, sealed PICS bags are used, to protect against rodent threat rat guards are installed and the seed is elevated, to protect from volatile temperature flux shade is installed. These elements come together to provide a protective shield for farmer’s assets.

What’s Happening Now?
The Seed Shield is being refined and tested by the TechnoServe Mozambique team.  Testing in the field will begin in September 2012 and partnership building with the PICS team is underway.