Country: Sierra LeoneFocus: AgriculturePartner: WARCStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2020


SeedSalone_Logo_Transparent - Velvet Velvet Brianne Gaston

SeedSalone is a simple, low labor, rolling no-till planter which allows farmers to plant more acreage and increase food production. In Sierra Leone, communities whose livelihoods rely on agriculture struggle without access to mechanization, inputs, or irrigation in sensitive tropical soils. Most farmers are not able to plant all of the acreage available to them because of the labor intensivity of planting with hoes and cutlasses, resulting in a significant loss in potential income generating yield.

The SeedSalone cuts through untilled soil with weighted disks and deposits seeds at the appropriate intervals for optimal planting density. The planter overall is lightweight, ergonomic, and transportable, taking the backbreaking labor out of planting. System components are locally sourced, designed to provide value to farmers throughout the year, and able to be repaired locally. The seedsalone will enable farmers in Torma to increase yields and empower them to invest in their families’ future.