Country: South AfricaFocus: Medical DevicePartner: ShonaquipPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2016



Partner: Shonaquip

Partnering with Shonaquip, a social enterprise based in South Africa, students in the 2016 Design for Extreme Affordability course designed Lala2, a new and innovative side-lying positioner for day and night time use for children with physical disabilities. Designed with both the caregiver and child in mind, Lala2 features comfortable & effective support blocks, a robust clip mechanism that is easily adjustable, and sensory-play that enhance the child’s quality of life. The team perfected their design with their partner through both Social E and Design Lab. As of 2019, the Lala2 was working on its first batch production run and preparing to launch for large scale distribution at Shonaquip.