Country: MexicoFocus: Medical DevicePartner: SmileTrainPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Still In DevelopmentYear: 2018


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Treating cleft lip/palate is a long and tiresome journey for cleft patients and their families. One of the hardest steps is when an underbite is developed. At this stage, patients have to wear a protraction facemask for 12-16 hours every day to help pull their maxilla forward. This process can range from several months to a couple years. To make things harder, orthodontists are not able to verify whether their patients wear the facemask the prescribed amount, and patients are not able to prove their compliance. Smart Smile is a small electronic device that fits on the facemask, tracks the usage, eliminates the black box of information between orthodontists and patients, and strengthens the relationship between them, all leading to better outcomes.