Design for Extreme Affordability

Koffi Korha

Social Impact Projects Manager

As the Social Impact Project’s Manager for Extreme, Koffi supports students in the implementation phase of their projects – particularly through management of our Social E and Design Lab programs which provide funding and mentorship for teams continuing after the course. Koffi is a practitioner with over 10 years’ experience designing and implementing social impact projects.  Before joining Extreme, he worked or consulted on several entrepreneurship and youth empowerment projects in Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, and locally here in the Bay Area. More recently, Koffi worked at WestCoast, a nonprofit organization in Oakland where he was instrumental in designing and implementing programs to empower youth in foster care and support their successful emancipation out of the foster care system. Koffi has a MA in International Area Studies (with emphasis on Africa and political economy) from Stanford, and BA in Sociology and Political Science from CSU East Bay. He is also in his final year of an MBA program at Santa Clara University (still 12 units short).  Some of Koffi’s other interests include, going to the Warriors’ games, watching  the Italian soccer league, listening to NPR, and having conversations about international development and business.