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A Look at EarthEnable (Extreme 2013), Profiled by the Stanford GSB

Check out Stanford Graduate School of Business’ profile, “Paving the Way to Healthy Homes“, featuring EarthEnable, an Extreme project from 2013 that has now blossomed into a startup operating in Rwanda.

From the article:

“[EarthEnable] sells floors to poor people. Specifically, the social enterprise, which [Gayatri Datar, CEO] cofounded and runs, makes paved flooring from compressed earthen materials that are sealed with a proprietary oil. Both the product and the business were incubated four years earlier [2013] when Datar was a student at Stanford Graduate School of Business and took a course there called Design for Extreme Affordability.

EarthEnable’s floors, marketed in Rwanda under the Tube Heza brand, cost about 75% less per square foot than concrete, dirt’s most common flooring alternative. The price averages about $80 per home ($60 for materials, $20 for installation) — exceedingly cheap by Western standards but a significant expense in a country where most people live on less than $2 per day.”