Country: EcuadorFocus: AgriculturePartner: Kiwa LifeStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2017

Condor Cosechador


Partner: Kiwa Life

The Condor Cosechador increases household income of native Andean potato farmers by reducing their harvesting cost, increasing their yield, and allowing them to better capitalize on opportune harvesting windows. Small plot Ecuadorian farmers face many barriers to a successful harvest, including unfavorable weather conditions, ravenous pests, and crop disease, which can sometimes result in up to 100% loss in potato yield. By decreasing cost, reliance on labor, and number of potatoes damaged, the Condor Cosechador helps farmers overcome some of these barriers and ensures they can reap the benefits of their labor. This project is in partnership with Kiwa Life, an Ecuadorian potato chip company that sources native Andean potatoes from local small plot farmers.