Country: GhanaFocus: Medical ServicePartner: Himalayan Cataract ProjectPost-Extreme Lab: Design LabPost-Extreme Lab: Social E LabStatus: Still In DevelopmentYear: 2020


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EYE-dentify is an innovative wearable device to track patients in high-volume surgical cataract campaigns in Ghana. Healthcare workers at these campaigns are dedicated to curing blindness for thousands of patients in remote communities who would otherwise have no access to eye care.

Throughout the multi-stage, chaotic environment of surgical campaigns, healthcare workers currently use a paper form to identify patients and keep track of their eye health data — however, it is error prone and often lost in the shuffle. A simple mistake on this form leads to worse patient outcomes and less efficient patient care.

EYE-dentify is a bracelet with a unique ID for each patient to wear. It can streamline the process of tracking patients in high-volume settings and can ensure their eye health data is accurate and complete. This product can improve the experiences and impact of healthcare workers tirelessly working to cure needless blindness in remote communities across the world.