Country: ColombiaFocus: AgriculturePartner: RareStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2020

Rare Colombia

rareonionlogo - Ankur Das

Small onion farmers in remote Colombian communities face rising soil degradation challenges. Living harvest to harvest, they have a limited choice in their farming practices, forced to use raw chicken manure and expensive fertilizers to treat their worsening soil. In a desire to improve their farming practices, many farmers have partnered with Rare, a sustainability-driven nonprofit focused on behavioral change. Rare has brought the need for proper soil health to the forefront of many farmers’ minds, and they have pushed for the use of composting to promote soil health and cut down on manure and fertilizer use. Unfortunately, the immediate benefits of compost are difficult to see, and the financial risk of adopting a new practice makes farmers hesitant to try it. Proven results and peer adoption drive larger community adoption in the area, especially from trusted community members. A combination of compost awareness building and tracking tools provide concrete proof of composting benefits and immediate methods to reduce farming costs, empowering farmers to increase their income and protect their land.