Country: TanzaniaFocus: Business ModelsPartner: SankuStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2016



Partner: Sanku

Sanku partners with millers to fortify maize flour, a staple of Tanzanian diet, with necessary micronutrients to prevent stunting and a host of associated diseases. Tanzanian millers who currently fortify their flour are selling the fortified flour at a loss because consumers still are unwilling to pay extra for fortified flour. Our team has developed a B2B offering of flour packaging for millers, together with a structured learning plan for Sanku to reach its mission of fortifying flour for 100 million people. By selling flour bags to millers, Sanku is able to provide the micronutrients for free and offset the cost of fortification for millers, while making a sustainable profit themselves. We highlight key areas of attack for Sanku to explore further as they look to scale fortification sustainably.