Country: IndiaFocus: Medical ServicePartner: Noora HealthStatus: Handed to PartnerYear: 2019


SkincubatED Logo

SkincubatED is a newborn health education kit to encourage kangaroo care in mothers of low birthweight babies in India. It includes both in-hospital and take-home training materials which expand mothers’ options for carrying their baby during kangaroo care and reinforce healthy behaviors. Designed around the local cultural context, our kit offers creative ways for mothers to practice and remind themselves of kangaroo care without crossing stigmas, such as touching the baby with new cloth or being too physically exposed while performing kangaroo care. Through research on mothers’ motivations and priorities, we have also identified ways to enhance buy-in by increasing emotional investment and making kangaroo care easy and intuitive. Our flipchart, educational video story, and interactive scratch-off calendar enable mothers to properly perform kangaroo care while inspiring confidence and trust in its benefits.