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Sanku Dosifier Named One of Best Inventions of 2019 by Time

The Sanku Dosifier, which was co-created by Extreme students, was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions of 2019. Read more about the 2009 team, Amaize, that designed the dosifier and the 2016 team that helped refine the business model. Sanku’s dosifier was also profiled in the New York Times this spring.

From the Time article: 

An estimated 243 million people in Africa are undernourished, largely because of a starchy diet lacking vitamins and minerals. Local millers have not been able to fortify their flours with iron, B12, zinc and folic acid, as industrial millers do, until now. The Sanku Dosifier enables any miller to “dose” flour with the precise ratio of nutrients to ensure a healthy diet. Sanku has outfitted 300 flour mills in East Africa and plans to reach 15,000 more by 2025, helping 100 million people.